Institute on Disabilities at Temple University


Thank you for supporting the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, College of Education.

Steps to Donate

Use the link that follows these steps. When you arrive on Temple's donor page, please follow these five steps:

1. Enter donation amount at the top of the online form.
2. Select the "School/College/Center/Other" option below the Designations heading.
3. Select the "?" button to the right of "School/College/Center/Other."
4. The "?" button opens a form. Select Institute or one of its programs on the form.
5. To complete your donation, follow the instructions on the Temple University donor form page.
Download instructions with diagram - PDF

Donate - Use Temple University's online form.

By using Temple University's Online Donation Form, (instructions below) you will be able to donate to the Institute as a whole or to target your donation to one of several select Institute projects.

Your tax deductible donation will be used in different ways, depending on your project you select. For example, if you donate to Visionary Voices, you may help to fund another interview of a person who played a significant role in the Intellectual Disabilities Movement. A donation to the AT Lending Library will help to put assistive technology into the hands of people across Pennsylvania. Our ACES program will use your donation to help fund a year of learning for young adults who use communication technology. The Academy for Adult Learning will use your donation to help fund a real college experience for four semesters on Temple's main campus. Finally, by donating to the Institute as a whole, you will be helping to support our more than 20 active programs, all of which work for, and with, people with disabilities to improve their lives at home, at school and in the community.

Thank you again for your donation.

Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service